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The Teach, Travel, Transform Manifesto

My Name Is Tommy Joiner. I’m Part Of A Group Of People Who Refuse To Accept The Status Quo Lifestyle And The Expectations That Other People Have Set For Them.

We Don’t Settle When It Comes to Figuring Out Our True Passions In Life And We Are Not Afraid To Challenge Ourselves With Making Big Moves To Get Us One Step Closer To Our Dreams.

Our Lives Are Full Of Experiences, We Live Life On Our Own Terms, And We Do It All While Living Internationally And Getting To Know Different Cultures And People From All Over The World.

You Can Find Us in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Or Anywhere In Between, Teaching English, Working Remotely, And Exploring What It Really Means To Be Alive.

While Others Patiently Wait On Things To Come To Them In Life And Opportunities To Show Up On Their Own, We Seek Out Challenges And Create Our Own Luck By Making Bold Moves.
Instead Of Waiting Until We Reach Old Age To Explore Our Full Potential And Travel The World, We Enjoy Life Now And Have A Goal To Live A Life Fully-Lived!

We Don’t Rely On The Standard Model For What It Means To Live An Amazing Life. We Find Our Own Opportunities Teaching English Abroad or Digital Nomading So That We Can Support Ourselves Financially While ALSO Living Our Dreams.
We Do Things Differently. We Work On Our Life And Prioritize Experience And Growth Over The Dollars In Our Bank Account. We Favor Transformation Over Stagnation.

Most People Are Scared To Make Leaps And Big Changes In Their Lives. We Thrive For The Opportunity To Go After The Things That Scare Us And Pursue The Things In Life That We Know Will Make Us Better.

Some People Shake Their Heads At The Way We Live Our Lives. But While They Are Continuing To Slave Away At The Corporate 9 to 5, We Are Busy Making Plans To Live Our Lives Right Now Rather Than Wait 25 Years To Start Enjoying Our Existence.

We Are Part Of The Teach, Travel, Transform Movement. We Create Our Own Opportunities And Pursue The Lives Of Our Dreams While We Are Living. We Are The People Who Don’t Die With Regrets.

Starting Today, YOU Are A Part Of #teachtraveltransform…

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